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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 13, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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supposed to follow the iranian orders that a man may not touch a woman he is related to for any reason. not touch ever. and they're serious. just last month, iran's ambassador to germany had to makeup a story about this incident when a woman high fived him. after the video surfaced, he said he was waving hello and she misinterpreted and touched him against his well. now they're on him for touching chavez's grieving mother. his supporters say it never happened. they argue that photo is fake. they say the real picture actually looked like this. he was holding hands, not with a middle aged lady but with an old bald guy who turns out is the guy that used to run the international atomic energy agency. so yeah, no. that said, if you find it convincing, we can always go to
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the tape. there's mahmoud ahamdinejad greeting his mother, here comes the touching, they touched, it happened. so this is embarrassing for mr. ahmadinejad and the clerics back home. maybe he was caught in the clasp of a grieving mother, could do nothing about it. but this horrible attempt by his supporters to cover up the evidence of what happened and replace that nice lady with that man, this failing so spectacularly is a good thing for the world because when people lie and makeup stuff for political reasons get caught and become an international laughing stock, photo shopping does not advance you politically and instead makes you look ridiculous. then honestly, a small blow has been landed for truth, justice and the undoctored verifiable record of actual events. so to be really atroesh usually bad, iranian photo shopped
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doctors, i proclaim you the next thing, i want you to leave the first lady's sleeves alone. "first look" is up next. >> good wednesday morning. right now, the cardinals are meeting this very minute preparing a second vote on who lead the catholic church while 7,000 miles away, the roman catholic archdiocese in los angeles gets ready to shell out $10 million in a sex abuse case. president obama is headed back to the. >> lyn:'s den to meet with house republicans while senate democrats plan something they haven't done in four years. plus, signs senate leader mitch mcconnell may be afraid of ashley judd, a golfer swallowed by this sinkhole and financial hackers have messed with the wrong people. beware, president obama son your case. good morning. the cardinals are inside the sistine chapel for a second day of voting. members of the faithful are
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gathering in st. peter's square while cardinals are planning to go through four ballots today. tuesday's voting yielded black smoke. nbc is at the vatican this morning for. have they started voting yet? >> marra, we believe they are. they have started vote org about to vote. we were told every morning at 4:30 eastern, they will get into the sistine chapel from their residence where they sleep overnight inside the vatican walls to cast first ballots. how is that going to work? they can cast two ballots in the morning and two in the afternoon. if the first ballot is successful, then we should expect some white smoke to come out of that chimney or the famous chimney at about 5:30 eastern. well, if they have to go to the second ballot in the morning, then we're not going to see anything before 11:00 eastern.
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so forth in the afternoon. about an hour to go to start keeping an eye on that chimney. >> talk about some of the front-runners. angelo skoal la and timothy dole and an-sean o'malley. what would each bring to the church and its leadership? >> mara, angelo skoal la will bring continuity to the papacy of joseph ratzinger, pope deny dict xvi. so not much will change while the other two american cardinals who till a few weeks ago didn't stand a chance have suddenly become the front-runners of the so-called reformers, those that want to bring a breath of fesh repair into the vatican walls and to break the italian lock on that roman courier that was so much criticized by cardinals from around the world. scola is believed to have gotten
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the most votes last night. but the runners up are the american cardinal. we'll know soon enough in the next few days whether we do have the first american cardinal in history. >> what are the cardinals looking for? what direction do they want to take the church in? do we have any indications as to what those things might be? >> well, while the cardinals are divided, they seem to agree on one thing. they want a holy man who is also a businessman because while benedict xvi was appreciated as a great spiritual leader, he was criticized for not having had a strong hand on the administrative side of the catholic church, which he left to the secretary of state and others. so holy man but also a businessman. let's see who that man is among the 115 cardinals. >> we'll keep an eye on the chimney. claudio, thanks so much for that. president obama says
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authorities are looking into whether private financial information belonging to the first lady was hacked and later published. it kols as the president prepares to meet today with business leaders to discuss efforts on improving cyber security. about a dozen hollywood celebrities and politicians had their personal information posted online tuesday. all were apparent victims of what's called adoxing attack, posting data like credit reports and addresses on the internet, mr. obama didn't say whether the recently posted information is authentic but did confirm an investigation. we should not be surprised that if you've got hackers who want to dig in and devote a lot of resources that they can access people's private information. >> well, house republicans will get a visit from the president on their turf day after releasing their plan to balance the budget. senate democrats unveiled their first budget in four years. so far compromise looks like a long shot. danielle legal joins us from
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washington with details. >> mara, good morning. while the lines of communication may be open this time, the sticking points on any budget have not changed for democrats or republicans. president obama returns to capitol hill today to face a much tougher audience after meeting with democrats in the senate, now sits down with house republicans and members of his own party have expressed doubts how effective he will be. senate democrats releasing their own budget for the first time in four years calling for about a trillion dollars in new revenue and a trillion dollars in cuts. democrats have already dismissed the republican-proposed budget that would have cut the deficit by $5 trillion in part by repealing obama's health care law. the one budget we haven't seen is the president's. reporting live in washington, i'm danielle leigh. >> turning now to a gruesome
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story. new york's so-called cannibal cop is facing life in prison after his conviction for conspiracy to kidnap, cook and eat women. the jury decided that gilberto valle was not just fantasizing when he talked online about abducting and eating women. prosecutors said he looked up recipes for chloroform proving that the plot was real. his prosecutors said he was being prosecuted for thoughts, not actions. and now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. wisconsin's congressman paul ryan offered his new budget plan but appeared to misspeak when talking about his plans for health care. listen to it twice just to be sure of what he said. >> because we're not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the american people. because we're not going to give up on destroying the health care system for american people. >> the number of american who's do not trust government is high. a new pew research survey say
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73% said they can trust the government only some of the time or never. a new report on voter turnout in the election shows minnesota was the highest with more than 76% and hawaii the lowest with only 44%. kentucky senator mitch mcconnell is apparently taking no chances in a potential election bat with ashley judd spending six figures on a new tv ad targeting the actress even before she's entered the race and some 18 months before voters go to the polls. and donald trump says he thinks judd will be a great candidate. get ready fur a new generation of politicians from the bush family. americans got their first look at george prescott bush when he led the pledge at the 1988 convention. the son of jeb bush is now running in texas for land commissioner, his first try at office. michelle obama first appeared on the cover of "vogue"ing in 2009 and will make her second appearance this month
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wearing an ensemble by read cray cough who did the dress she wore in her new official portrait. that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. dylan dreyer is here with the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. a rainy day up and down the eastern seaboard yesterday. we are going to see improvements today. that cold front also taking the warm air with it. yeah, it was raining yesterday but warm. now it is going to cool off as the sunshine returns. it's pretty chilly across the great lakes too where we have snow showers. they're pretty light but they're numerous extending across most of michigan, stretching down into parts of illinois and indiana over into ohio, too. best chance of accumulating snow will be later this afternoon in the higher elevations across west virginia where we could end up with 1 to 3 inches. other than that, the weather is quiet but we are going to talk about the cold air, single digits and teens across the northern plains and this big dip in the jet stream will drag in cool air for the rest of this
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week even into the weekend, as well. 30 today in minneapolis. 50 today in boston. watch what happens tomorrow. that colder air starts to move in. 49 in chicago, we should top out at 39 in boston and mid 40s for the rest of this week in new york city. ma ra? >> thanks so much. coming up, mississippi is taking steps to be the anti-mike bloomberg state. and if you've takenen the zithromax antibiotic recently, stick around. you'll want to hear the story. >> that and your money coming up next. you're watching "first look." ♪
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morning, a multistate manhunt for a man suspected of killing his grandparents is over. michael boy son was arrested in oregon after an eight-hour standoff. police say the 26-year-old murdered his grandparents shortly after they threw him a party for being released from prison last week. attention doctors and patients of the popular
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antibiotic known as zithromax. the fda says the drug can cause rare but deadly heart rhythms in some patients. the man accused of killing 12 in a colorado movie theater will stand trial this summer. a bearded james holmes was back in court tuesday where a judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. the archdioceses of los angeles agreed to pay nearly $10 million who say they were accused by priest michael baker. the release of records show in 1986, baker confessed to cardinal roger ma mown honeny he was molesting boys. and the mississippi legislature has passed what's being dubbed the anti-bloomberg bill that bans cities and towns from implementing rules requiring limits to food portion size and prevents restaurants from posting calorie counts. they don't want to know. in business this morning, a big step for boeing. the faa approved the plan to redesign the 787 dreamliner's
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fire prone batteries putting them one step closer to getting the 787 back in the air. the fleet was grounded following two batteries that caught fire in january. host yes, sir agreed to sell who who is, twinkies to a parent company of pabst blue ribbon beer for $410 million. they hope to have the snacks back on shelves this summer. speaking of sweets, is big sugaring about to get a bailout in the "wall street journal" reports the department of agriculture is considering buying 400,000 tons of sugaring to stave off a wave of defaults to processors who borrowed $862 million under a government support program. google will pay $7 million to settle a 38-state case over its street view cars collecting data from unsecured wi-fi networks. new research predicts shipments of tablets running google's android system will overtake the ipad for the first
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time this year regulators are weighing whether to add nearly 1 million saturn auras for brake problems. h & r block says tax refunds will be delayed to a family room change the company learned about after filing hundreds of thousands of returns. do you remember this video of a 62-year-old plan shooing a shark away from australia beachgoers back in january? it turns out he and his wife were on sick leave for distress. their bosses saw this viable video and now they've both been fired. well, while the cardinals vote for a new pope, is it time for the catholic church to take another look at women in more prominent roles? plus a good old counterfeit cash story. you're watching "first look." oo? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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our top stories, the budget battle in washington. joining me now is roll call's jonathan strong. good morning. thanks for being here. >> good morning to you. >> while senate democrats are claiming party unity, there are reports they're secretly worried about obama's commitment to cutting entitlement programs. what's really happening behind the scenes there? >> yeah, yesterday obama went before the senate democrats and they kind of hashed this out. there's a lot of concern on the left that obama is going to sell out the democrats when it comes to entitlement cuts. and you're seeing the forces on the left side of the democratic
2:21 am
party mobilize and try to, you know, put a line in the sand to show obama not to do that. they don't want him to strike any kind of so-called grand bargain that would include entitlement funds. >> in the last few days, we've seen obama continue this personal outreach to republicans. is there a risk to gop lawmakers that receive him too warmly of being perceived too warm to the president? >> certainly a risk for some of them in terms of a potential primary challenge if they were to be seen as too close to the president. i think the story here is, i mean, this is kind of faked kabuki theater kind of thing where even white house aides admit this is for show. republicans don't believe it's anything but for show and they don't -- they're heading into this meeting today, the house republicans with plans to try to question him and figure out a way to use this is to their
2:22 am
advantage. so there's no break spring here on capitol hill today. >> jonathan, thanks for your perspective. we appreciate it. now here's your first look at other news going on around america. we start in sarasota. while catholics are waiting for smoke, one church decided to release their own pink flumes. church goers watched pink smoke that the new pope will be support of gender equality. >> one mother will not be supporting mother of the year gear anytime soon. she was filmed letting her 22-month-old son smoke from a bong. the father was later arrested after officials found as many as 40 marijuana plants and several guns within the home. detectives in tampa bay uncovered an intricate counterfeit money ring. $1 bills were bleached for days till they went blank, then $100 denominations were printed using
2:23 am
computer software. police recovered $100,000 and counting. shark researchers in florida are keeping an eye on their latest find. on march 3rd, they caught a great white shark named lydia, the first great white ever to be tagged south of massachusetts. you can follow her journey at o turning to sports, an exciting finish to the iditarod. 53-year-old mitch seavey and his ten dogs were cheered as they crossed the finish line to win the dog race in alaska. he is a former champ and now the oldest winner of the 1,000 mile race. in the nba, miami got a nifty fourth quarter fast break as dwyane wade makes a pass and then gets it back for the dunk against atlanta. the heat's 98-81 victory extended their win streak to 19 games. in women's college basketball with the score notre dame steals a pass from uconn in the closing seconds. denying a pass for a winning
2:24 am
layup and the irish beat the huskies, 61-59 to win their first big east title before they lead the league. in the nhl, a scary moment as jason zucker of minnesota was blind sided by corey perry of anaheim. zucker was sprawled on the ice for five minutes before being helped off. the ducks beats the wild 2-1. in the world baseball classic, david wright of the mets five runs batted in for team usa in the 7-1 win over puerto rico. the americans play again thursday against the dominican republic. talk about a golf course hazard, a giant sinkhole is roped off after swallowing a golfer in illinois. he was rescues. he suffered a dislocated shoulder and has no plans to play that course anytime soon. now it's time for another look at the weather and dylan dreyer is back. >> not really golfing weather now of avoiding into illinois, unfortunately is right. we're going to see colder temperatures begin to move
2:25 am
through the area. we're only in the teens and 20s out that way right now. it is mild in the northeast and it will stay that way through today. but that all changes tomorrow. we'll go from 50s today in boston, new york city and down into washington, d.c. back into the 40s, even upper 30s in boston for high tomorrow. chilly area area continues to linger back across the great lakes with lighter snow showers. minneapolis will only top out around 37 tomorrow. much, much colder than i'm sure people want in mid march. >> spring it on the way. hold on. in louisiana, a massive fire broke out when the a tugboat and barge collided with a gas pipeline in a bayou south of new orleans. four people are injured, one severely. the incident ignited a blaze that burned for hours. the coast guard says it's unclear if any oil spilled into the water. you're watching "first look." we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families.
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>> but in accordance with the vatican tradition, the cardinals in the papal conclave will release white smoke when a pope is chosen. the practice was started by those two ancient leaders cardinal cheech and cardinal chong. >> and in entertainment, even while recovering from surgery, lady gaga rolls with style. the singer had a 24 carat gold plated wheelchair made to help her get around after hip surgery. while larry flynt beat her to the punch, gaga's came equipped with a rekrining back and is called the chariot. that's a diva. thanks to the success of oz the great and powerful, disney is in